The Account Self-Service Portal (ASSP) allows you to lookup your Coastal Law username and set your password. If you ever forget your username or password you can always return to this site for assistance. You can even manage your e-mail alias here too.

Below are answers to some questions you might have along with instructions to get you started.

What's my Coastal Law username used for?

Your Coastal Law username, not to be confused with your student portal username, is used to access various systems provided to you. The most common systems you'll use your Coastal Law username for, in addition to others, are:

How do I lookup my Coastal Law username and set my password?

By clicking the Get Started button below, you'll be redirected to the Forgot Login Information page of the ASSP. Once there you'll be prompted for the last 6 digits of your social security number along with your last name and date of birth.

Once you're information is validated you'll be provided your Coastal Law username and a to direct you to the Change Your Password.

Get Started!

What is an e-mail alias and how do I get one?

An email alias is an email address that you can create to send/receive email at.

For example, by default you send and receive email via your primary email address which is in the format of Cxxxxxx@law.fcsl.edu. If you want to create a more personal email address to send/receive mail at, you can create an alias composed of your first name, middle initial and last name. So if it's available, you could choose to have an alias of Austin.D.Powers@law.fcsl.edu if Austin (Danger) Powers is your name.

After you lookup your Coastal Law username and set your password you can visit the Manage My E-mail Alias page to setup your e-mail alias.

I still need assistance. Who can I contact?

If you ever need any assistance related to Coastal Law's technology resources you can contact the Help Desk.




(904) 680-7600

In Person

Sync - 3rd Floor of the Library